Java Enterprise and Mobile Development

And now for something completely different: Encapsulate Google Charts in a Wicket widget. View Live Sample


A new chapter about programming materialized wicket apps is online. It's about MessageBoxes.


Mobile Apps

Mobile devices becoming more important over the time, especially in business environments on specialized devices. Google Android has proved as a reliable base for custom development.


Web Apps

Based on Servlet UI Frameworks (like Vaadin and Wicket) I develop individual solutions.
I offer also hosting of this applications in a JBoss/Postgres/FreeBSD virtual environment.


Software Engineering

Java, JEE, EJB
Oracle, Postgres, JPA, JDBC
Servlet, Vaadin, Wicket
Android Development

JEE and Materialized Designmore_vert

Getting Apache Wicket and Materialzed Design together. See the live demo

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JEE and Materialized Designclose

Getting Apache Wicket and Materialzed Design together.

Apache Wicket is a outstandig framework for creating UI driven JEE applications. Combined with the amazing CSS scripts from materialize.com it's easy to develop UIs running on nearly every device.
Just code your Wicket application and materialize.css is doing the rest.

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Live demo

Spring Boot and Materialized Wicket more_vert

Putting all in a small box.
Under development ...

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Spring Boot and Materialized Wicketclose

Putting all in a small box.

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